Buying Robinsons Fruit Drink Cordial

A bit of History

The Robinsons brand has a very interesting history which goes way back to 1823. Robinson and Belville manufactured Patent Barley and Groats. Patent Barley, sold in powder form, was added to boiling water to make a barley drink.

In 1862 the company joined with Keen & Son. In 1903 it was acquired by Coleman's of Norwich where Robinsons is still manufactured today.

Robinsons was acquired by Britvic in 1995 and is now one of the largest grocery brands in the UK.

The English Drink Variations

Robinsons Cordial Robinson drinks consist of 5 variations. They are: Fruit Squash, Fruit & Barley, High Juice, Barley Water and Robinsons for Milk. Recently Robinson's drinks have expanded past traditional squashes. They now have ready to drink versions - Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Robinsons Fruit Spring.

Interesting Facts

1. Barley was popular with Victorians as a cure for fever and kidney complaints.
2. Robinsons Squash was original called Robinsons Smash.
3. In the 1960's Robinsons launched a range of fizzy drinks in cans.

What is Squash?

Robinsons drinks and similar, such as Ribena are known in the UK as Squash. Other names are dilute drink and concentrate etc. To enjoy a glass of Robinsons squash you simply add a small amount in a glass and top up with water. Rather than buy ready to drink versions, making your own means that you can use as much or as little squash as desired. Personally I like my squash weak. So I use very little squash in my mixture. This also means the bottle goes a lot further and less sugar is consumed.


You can store your opened bottle either in the refrigerator or in the cupboard or pantry. Squash mixes do not have to be kept chilled. If you prefer a colder drink then keep in the fridge as this will have an effect on the temperature when added to water.

The Squashes

All the squash flavors come in regular and no sugar added. The no sugar added drinks are great as the flavor and taste aren't compromised and you can enjoy without the extra calories. The squash flavors are; apple and blackcurrant, lemon, orange, orange and pineapple and summer fruits.

Fruit and Barley

These drinks are available in many flavors and this time barley is added. The flavors are apple and blackcurrant, orange, strawberry and kiwi, citrus, pink grapefruit, peach and summer fruits.

Thoughts and Opinion

As a child I always drank Robinson's squashes. All my friends had it at their houses and I pretty much drank it since I was about 2 years old. This history with Robinsons certainly makes me miss it now I live in the USA. Where can I buy it? I did lots of research and found a website which has the flavors and variations I have enjoyed in my previous life in the UK.

I love the fact that it doesn't have to be refrigerated. I prefer my drinks, like water and squash to be served a room temperature or a bit below. I don't like ice cold drinks when it comes to squash. This means it doesn't take up room in my fridge. Also, it's cheap. One bottle can last months. It has a really long shelf life.

Rather than take a bottle with me to work, I used to pre mix some in a larger plastic bottle and take to work with me. I knew if I left in the fridge at work it wouldn't last long! Robinson's squash is also great as a hydrator when working out. Its fruity taste is a great alternative to regular water and it's healthy too.

When it comes to picking a favorite flavor, it's hard. It really depends on my taste buds at the time. I really enjoy the orange mixes along with blackcurrant. These would be my choices if I had to pick. I also found with the blackcurrant flavor that it was a great remedy for a sore throat. I mixed it a little stronger than normal and drank cold. I felt relief quickly.

I wish I could buy Robinsons drinks in our USA supermarkets, they would sell so well. Every time a friend comes over or I take food and drink for a picnic I always include my Robinson's. I let my friends try it and now they ask me ahead of time to make sure I'm bringing it with me to the beach!

Buy Robinsons Fruit Cordial drink in USA

Robinsons drink and other cordial drinks are not widely available in America (USA). So if your wondering who sells Robinsons, there are a couple of websites selling Robinsons drinks online. The best one and the only site we recommend is Poppy's Pantry. The reason we say you should buy Robinsons from Poppy's Pantry is that their shipping costs are so reasonable. Before we found Poppy's, we used to buy from another site whose shipping costs ended up more than the cost of product.