Buying Ribena

Looking to Buy Ribena Drink in USA (America)?

Those little blackcurrants with smiley faces, that's how I remember Ribena in the UK. In America Ribena isn't available to buy from stores. In fact nothing like Ribena is.

Ribena So what is it? Well, Ribena is a concentrated drink which is added to water. Ribena is most popular for its blackcurrant variety; however different flavors are now available. These include, apple, strawberry and mixed fruits. Ribena comes in concentrated form as described above and also "ready to drink" cartons and bottles.

I can remember from my days of UK living that Ribena was a permanent fixture in the fridge or kitchen cupboard. I also used to pack the cartons for my kids lunches many years ago. That being said Ribena has been around for over 20 years and is still available easily now in the UK. I wish that were the case in the USA. No I need to look a little harder to find it. Poppy's Pantry, a British food website has it.

I well known fact in the UK is that Ribena is a great medicine for a sore throat. Not only have I drank Ribena at the time of a sore throat and felt the soothing effect Ribena has but my family and friends swear by it too. The great thing about this is that unlike all the cough and sore throat medicines and syrups on the market today, Ribena doesn't have that medicated taste just a fruity blackcurrant flavor. My preference when drinking Ribena is to dilute very little of the Ribena. I like my drink weak however, when drinking Ribena for the purpose of a sore throat reliever I boost my Ribena concentrate intake to make it stronger and therefore its goodness helps my throat recover. I think my kids often used the sore throat excuse so they could drink more of the stuff!

I store my Ribena in the fridge although this isn't necessary, just personal preference. I store all my drinks that way. Once opened the shelf life is long unlike a bottle of soda which may go flat if not drank quickly after opening. It's also great to add to your workout water. Ribena contains vitamin C and can also be purchased in a no added sugar variety for those who are conscious of sugar intake.