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Looking to Buy Lucozade in USA (America)?

I've been a huge fan of Lucozade for as long as I can remember. I drank Lucozade as a child growing up all the way into my adult life and still do now. Lucozade served as a medicine when I felt ill and a source of energy for when I wanted to exercise. I also love the taste of Lucozade.

So what is Lucozade?

Lucozade Lucozade is an orangey colored fizzy drink which is rich in glucose. I would try and compare the taste to something similar in the USA but there really isn't anything comparable to Lucozade, believe me I've tried to find something!

Lucozade is made in England, Gloucestershire to be exact by a company called GlaxoSmithKline plc. Lucozade was first manufactured in 1927 by a Newcastle chemist who was trying to find a drink which helped with the common cold and influenza. Lucozade contains glucose syrup which provides energy and helps people when they are feeling ill. Initially Lucozade was sold in glass bottles but now like most carbonated drinks it comes in plastic bottles of various sizes. There are also different varieties of Lucozade available to buy. Such as Lucozade sport drink and it even comes in tablet form. I used to love these as a child. Like the Lucozade drink they give energy and taste fabulous.

Where to buy Lucozade online USA, Who sells this drink in America?

After many unsuccessful and disappointing trips to US stores I was unable to find Lucozade. However Lucozade, like many British goodies is available to buy online.


I store my Ribena in the fridge although this isn't necessary, just personal preference. I store all my drinks that way. Once opened the shelf life is long unlike a bottle of soda which may go flat if not drank quickly after opening. It's also great to add to your workout water. Ribena contains vitamin C and can also be purchased in a no added sugar variety for those who are conscious of sugar intake.