Buying Lilt

Lilt, The Drink with Totally Tropical Taste

Lilt is a carbonated drink from the UK. It is not available in the US supermarkets so online is the place to go to buy Lilt.

What is Lilt?

Lilt | The Drink with Totally Tropical Taste Lilt is a fizzy, non alcoholic drink flavored with pineapple and grapefruit. Lilt is very refreshing and is better served straight from the fridge. Lilt was available to buy in the UK from the 1970's and is very popular, second UK favorite to Fanta. It is available to buy in a can or various sizes in bottles. Lilt is unlike any drink available in the USA. The Lilt taste is unique and appeals to all age ranges.

Lilt is a great alternative to Coca Cola as it doesn't contain any caffeine. I like to drink Lilt on a sunny day. My kids absolutely love it as I bought some for them to try.

The UK commercial advertising Lilt was based on a Caribbean island. It featured a couple of ladies who were later known as the "Lilt Ladies". The Caribbean theme was a great tie in to the Lilt drink. It certainly has a tropical taste and that's why the advert was in the Caribbean. The Lilt Ladies became famous after they appeared in the Lilt advert and lots of information on them is available online.

If you live in the USA and want to try a great UK drink Lilt is one for you to try.