Jaffa Cakes

So, you might ask what are Jaffa Cakes a biscuit or cake. In my opinion Jaffa cakes are a biscuit and a very tasty one at that. However in England a Jaffa Cake is coded as a cake. This is due to the tax bracket and the perish ability of the product.

A Jaffa cake has a hardish round sponge bottom topped with a disk of orange flavored jelly and then covered in chocolate. The jelly disc is known as the "smashing orangey bit" as that's exactly what it is. It most definitely ties the three consistances together perfectly resulting in a great tasting Jaffa cakes. The only negative to Jaffa Cakes is their addictive taste. Seriously, I could easily eat a packet right now. They don't give you that sickly feeling when you indulge. This could be a good or bad thing!

Jaffa Cakes are made by McVities, the biscuit experts from the UK. Unfortunately for us in the USA Jaffa Cakes aren't sold in our stores. We need to look a little harder to buy Jaffa Cakes in the USA.

Jaffa Cake Suitable for all ages these treats are a must try if you haven't already. I have eaten them since I was a child and truly miss them now I live in America. There isn't anything even close to a Jaffa Cake in the US stores today. Another great thing is that because they are made with little chocolate (only a thin layer coating the top half of the cake/biscuit) and the rest of the Jaffa Cakeis made from sponge and the "smashing orangey bit", they are low in fat and calories.

When I was little my mum used to pack them in my lunch box as a treat, I always preferred them to regular biscuits or chocolate bars. In the UK they also came out with Jaffa Cake muffins and Jaffa Cake Bars. These were larger versions of the traditional Jaffa Cake with a twist. For example, the Jaffa Cake bar was more cake like than sponge with an orangey bit in the middle. The orangey bit was more of a liquid than the jelly disc in the biscuits.

In closing, buy Jaffa Cakes if you get the opportunity. I can ensure you that you'll love them like I do.