Buying Irn Bru

Looking to Buy Irn Bru in USA?

Irn Bru is pronounced Iron Brew. It's an orange colored fizzy drink made in Scotland. Over a century old this drink is unique and not like anything available in the USA or the UK for that matter. The orangey color is similar to that of Lucozade, another UK drink. The label is orange and blue with picture of a man. Irn Bru contains 32 flavors and caffeine.

Irn BruIrn Bru is most popularly sold in cans but is available in smaller bottles and 2 liter bottles too. According to the Irn Bru website there are only two people in the world who know the ingredients in Irn Bru. This recipe secret is held in a vault in Switzerland. This guarded secret only makes the drink more desirable and always popular with people of all ages.

The television commercials in the UK were always very entertaining with great catchphrases, "Made in Scotland from girders". One advert which I found particularly funny was one from 2000. In the advert an old guy takes out his false teeth and puts them into his grandsons Irn Bru to stop him for drinking it and claim as his own. There also were some adverts which caused controversary. An example was a lady in a bikini saying "I never knew four and a half inches could give me so much pleasure".

Like many drinks available today, Irn Bru is also available in diet and as an energy drink called Irn Bru 32. Unlike Coca Cola, Pepsi, Spite etc. Irn Bru isn't readily available on tap in restaurants or fast food places like Burger King and McDonalds. This was a problem for Irn Bru lovers in Scotland. Many McDonald's restaurants were picketed and eventually McDonalds served Irn Bru on tap along with other popular soft drinks.