Buying Horlicks

Looking to Buy Horlicks Drink in USA (America)?

Horlicks is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to guaranteeing a good nights sleep. The next day you will feel revitalized and refreshed.

So what is Horlicks ?

Horlix Horlicks is a malt drink which is generally drank before bed or when winding down's in order. Add the Horlicks powder to hot milk and chill. Horlicks malt drink is available in original, light and extra light. If you visit England you will know that this drink is very popular and most UK households will have some in their cupboards. Unfortunately you cannot buy Horlicks in the USA supermarkets and stores. However it is available to buy online at Place your order and have it delivered to your door.

My Horlicks Moment

In my opinion there is nothing better than having a relaxing bath and jumping into bed with a mug of hot Horlicks. Even after the most stressful day at work or busy day with the kids or activities, drink Horlicks at bedtime and you will drift into a relaxing, dreamy sleep. Not sure why it works so well, it must be the malty ingredients and soothing taste which help but it sure works for me. I've given Horlicks to my friends to try and even my kids love it! Take some on a camping trip to end a hectic day or even drink it during the day if you desire.