Buying British Food Online

Looking to Buy British Food?

The hardest thing if you live in USA and your looking to buy British Food is finding a website that is based in USA. Generally produce is heavy to ship from overseas and the freight costs are monstrous. So where do you start ? Well, you found us which is excellent... secondly, we can point you in the direction of a British Food Store that ships from within the USA:

Poppys pantry have British / English food for sale and they ship to all states in USA. They have popular brands such as Heinz, Ribena, Mcvities.. basically all the english food classics for sale. If your wanting to buy british food that is not available on their website, a "special requests" section is available and Poppys Pantry will hunt down your British food requests (or any other Cuisine from around the world).

You are obviously aware that British food stores do exist in USA, however we have found these to be over priced and under stocked. Usually there are a few located in each state and getting to these stores can be a hastle at best. Under these circumstances, buying British food online is the best answer. This convenient method allows you to have your food shipped straight to you door and you can browse the store from the comfort of your own home.

To add your British online food store here, contact the host. We only accept sites where people can buy with confidence at reasonable prices.

Heinz Baked Beans

These delicious delights are iconic in the U.K. They taste irresistible and are so versatile. They are very low in fat, sugar, GI and best of all, price. They are a great source of fiber. You can pick up a tin for 59p in the local supermarket or corner shop.

Traditional British Heinz Baked BeansI like to eat them on top of 2 buttered slices of toast. Mmmmmmm. Another popular way to eat them is with a cooked breakfast. In England that normally consists of bacon, eggs, baked beans, fried bread and sometimes black pudding (I'll get to that later!). If you like corn beef hash or Sheppard's pie, baked beans are a great accompliment. They can be cooked in less than three minutes in the microwave or on your oven hob.

The difference between Heinz baked beans and those found in USA stores is that the UK version don't have sweetness to them. They aren't mixed with cheese and are perfect just as they are. The only downfall is that when I go to England I can't bring many tins home to the USA with me. This is due to the weight.

Heinz are famous for their 57 varieties. They also make soups, tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce and a whole array of other tinned delights. They can all be found in stores across the UK.

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