Buy English Jams in USA

The English word for Jelly is Jam. Jam is very popular in England, they don't eat it with peanut butter like we do in the States but its in every persons home. English jams are for sale at specialist stores and internet sites such as Poppys Pantry.

Like here in the USA Jam is purchased from all supermarkets, corner shops and more. Farm shops sell their "home made" version also which seems to taste better. Maybe its just the fact that its home made in smaller quantities from fruits grown locally. A jar would typically cost anywhere from one pound fifty to five pounds. This would depend on jar size and where it was made. Like in any country if its imported from somewhere else the price tag is higher.

The jams types have expanded over the years. Many fruit combinations are available most supermarkets have a special own brand range where the selection is more exotic and more expensive.

Jam is made by chopping up small pieces of a ripe fruit and boiling with water and sugar. Fruits used for jam include strawberries, raspberries, apricots, blueberries, mango and gooseberries. When the jam is cooking its very likely that it will bubble. It is therefore better to use a large pan to cook in.