Buy English Drinks

Looking to Buy English Drinks in United States?

Do you miss the English classics.. Who sells Ribena, Lucozade, Lilt, Robinsons Cordial, Horlicks in America?

A personal favorite Ribena. This drink can only be described as amazing and we have nothing like it in the USA.

It comes in various flavors but the original blackcurrant tops the list. You can buy it ready mixed in a carton (it has a straw attached to the box) or you can buy as a concentrate to mix yourself. This is my favorite way to drink Ribena. The reason being is that I like my Ribena weak in strength. Occasionally if I have a sore throat I may increase my mix but as a rule I like my Ribena to be weak.

Traditional British DishIn England they call the Ribena concentrate bottle "squash". This is a generic word for drinks which are mixed with water. They are other popular "squashes" like Robinsons and Vimto which come in different flavors.

Ribena can be purchased three ways, concentrate (squash), ready mixed bottles and ready mixed cartons. The most cost effective way to buy is the concentrate (and it’s better for the environment). The bottles and cartons are 100% recyclable.

Ribena flavors are blackcurrant, apple, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate and cranberry & blackcurrant. You can also buy a "lighter" version with less sugar in it.

Lucozade is a great tasting energy drink. There are many varietes of Lucozade available to buy in England but my favorite is the original. It's a fizzy orange colored drink which is available to buy in various size bottles. Lucozade contains glucose syrup and is a very popular bedside drink for someone in hospital. You can buy it in the USA from Poppys Pantry and try it for yourself. I prefer to store it in the fridge but many people choose to enjoy at room temperature.

Lilt, the totally tropical taste! Lilt is made by Cola Cola. It's a refreshing carbonated drink. The most popular Lilt flavor is the original Lilt, Pineapple and Grapefruit although other flavors were also introduced along with diet Lilt alternatives. The UK television advert was based in Jamaica with two ladies who were then well know as the "lilt ladies".

Robinsons fruit cordials are a big miss for me now i live in the USA. Robinsons fruit cordials are similar to Ribena as the are a concentrated drink which mixes with water. Available in lots of flavors and low sugar versions these are a great drink as they can be mixed to suit your tastes. For example mix more cordial and less water this will make the drink stronger and in some case, more sugary. I prefer my cordial weak, but i'll let you chose.