Buying British/English Crisps Online

The UK name for potato chips is crisps. In England crisps are sold in smaller bags and I think the variations are so much better than those we have in USA.

English/British Crisps Not only to the UK have regular's chips (like Lays) but English crisps offer so many other alternatives. To name but a few.. Wotsits, Monster Munch, Chipsticks, French Fries, Squares, Quavers and many more. Due to the crisp bag size they are much healthier than our US version. It means you can't overeat as the crisps bag simply runs out. Doritos are available in the UK in the same flavor choices as we have in USA. A bag of crisps would cost around 40p, this is equivalent to around 80 cents. English crisps are a very affordable snack to include in a lunch box or just to grab as an on the go snack. You even buy a bag of crisps for 10p! These are called "meanies" or "space raiders". Despite the extremely low price tag they taste great. The bag isn't very big so the calorie content is below 100. British Monster Munch Crisps are available in pickled onion and beef flavor.

I will now describe some of the more popular English crisps in detail.

British Wotsits Crisps

These are cheesy puffs made by Walkers, a very famous crisp manufacturer in the UK. The Wotsit brand was previously owned by Golden Wonder. In 2002 the brand was sold to Walkers. The name Wotsit means individual corn puff. The packaging always includes a joke for the purchaser. British wotsits crisps contain 95 calories per pack.

British Monster Munch Crisps

Very similar to Wotsits although these are shaped into monster like pieces. Available in many flavors. I personally like the beef ones. Monster munch are also made by Walkers and are aimed mainly at children although definitely eaten by adults too. The original British Monster Munch were launched in 1977 by Smiths and it’s rumored that the original version made a come back in August 2008.

There is also a larger bag version available of the snack. This is called the Mega Monster Munch. The available flavors include Flamin Hot, Pickled Onion and my favorite Roast Beef. On the packet it shows the monster from when the English brand originated from Smiths in 1977.

British Squares Crisps

These are square ships corn english crisps. Squares are pretty low in calories and again are available in many flavors. Salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, plain (ready salted) and beefy. This is probably one of my favorites. The bag is square shaped and a little smaller than your regular crisp bag size.

British Quavers Crisps

Another tasty snack made by Walkers, The ingredient used in Quavers is the similar as that used in Pringles, reconstituted potatoes. Quavers flavors are most popular in their original cheese flavor but over time new flavors have been introduced. Quavers are bacon, salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail. They did introduce a limited edition tomato ketchup flavor, this has been discontinued.

Quavers have been available of over 30 years. The packaging has been changed over time along with some other Walkers crisps to include the fact that sun seed oil was included in the ingredients.

English Seabrook Crisps

Seabrook's Potato Crisps are a brand of crisps made in the United Kingdom. There name is shortened to Seabrook's and they're famous for the crinkle cut crisps. They make the best crinkle cut crisps and come in many flavors. The factory is located in Bradford, northern England. This means they are more popular in the north than the south. Seabrooks aren't stocked in all shops and for that reason Seabrook's offer an order by mail service. You can buy a mixed flavor box of 48 bags of crisps.

Some of their more exotic flavors include mixed tandoori, cream cheese and chive and Mexican chili. They have all the normal flavors too. My favorite is roast chicken.

At one time the packaging had a clear window so the buyer could see what they were getting however; they have since changed their packaging to foil.