Buying British/English Chocolate

Buy Cadburys Chocolate

n my opinion Cadburys make the best chocolate in the world. You might think this is a bold statement considering the amount of chocolate on the market but trust me I'm right. The English Cadbury selection consists of chocolate bars, Easter eggs, miniature heroes (a selection of the Cadbury favorites in a small individually wrapped packet) and luxury chocolates. We can buy Cadburys in USA but the selection is minimal and barely scratches the surface of the choices in Britain.

Traditional British DishIn England a bar of chocolate can be purchased for around 35p from any gas station, corner shop or supermarket. In the USA we can only purchase fruit & nut, English toffee and caramello. These bars are pretty big for one person and cost around $1.50. The great thing about the English selection is that the bars are smaller. This means you don't need to wrap up the rest for later you can eat all at once. Many Britton's pack a bar in their lunch box of for eleven's with a cup of tea or coffee. It's also a tradition for offices to stock large tins for office visitors to nibble on or staff to eat at Christmas time.

I have listed a few of my favorite bars below. It was hard to narrow it down as there are so many nice ones to buy, but I managed...just!

Biscuit Boost, Cadbury Flake | Wispa | Cadburys Cream Egg | Cadburys Buttons | Maltesers | Crunchie | Thorntons | Quality Street | Cadburys Roses

Cadburys make milk chocolate, dark chocolate (they call this Bourneville), white chocolate (Dream) and they even make chocolate drinks (hot chocolate or cocoa). You can buy hot chocolate drinking mix from the supermarkets in England but I would recommend paying a little extra and getting the Cadburys hot chocolate. It tastes amazing on a wintery night by the fire. You could also mix with milk for a milkshake.

Cadbury TV adverts are popular in the UK. A famous advert was for the flake bar. The advert consisted of a woman in a bath tub relaxing after a hard day. She eats the flake in the bath and it looks like heaven. "The crumbliest, flakiest chocolate". They used to make a bar called a Cadburys caramel. They may still do, I'm not sure. On this advert the lady (who is supposed to be a rabbit) has a sexy voice enticing you to buy the caramel. My husband loved that one!

Then we get to the crème egg. This is the size of an egg. It has a chocolate outside with a yolk like center. Very tasty and sweet but due to the size of the egg it doesn't sicken you. Maybe 2 or 3 would! I like these best from the fridge. They can be sticky on your hands but who cares when the taste is that great?

Mars Bars

I want to talk about this chocolate bar individually as it's another British favorite not readily available in the USA.

The best way to describe a Mars Bar is a Milky Way with caramel. It's therefore more calorie rich than a Milky Way, it's bigger but it tastes great.

In England the Mars slogan was/is "A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play".

Believe it or not the Mars Bar is served in some fish & chip shops, deep fried along with everything else. Personally I haven't tried this before. I don't think it would mesh well with the deep fried batter!

As with other chocolate bars there have been variations to the traditional Mars Bar. They include Mars Almond, Mars dark and light, Mars midnight and Mars mini eggs which are available at Easter time.

I think a glass of cold milk pairs perfectly with a Mars bar.

Galaxy Chocolate

This is the main competitor to Cadburys. Galaxy chocolate is very different to Cadburys it tastes creamier. The US version is Dove chocolate which can be purchased all over the USA.

It recently changed its shape in the UK. The shape is more fitting to Galaxy's description of its chocolate "smoothest and creamiest chocolate". The new piece shape is curvy not square or rectangular like other chocolate makers pieces. They also promote their chocolate buy asking "why have cotton when you can have silk". In other words why eat other brands when you can have the best.

I do like Galaxy chocolate very much but although their range of bars has expanded over the years they don't have as big of a selection as Cadbury.

Some options with Galaxy include minstrels, and ripples and galaxy caramel. They come in a small bag containing around 20-30 minstrels. A minstrel is a hard coated disk of chocolate about the size of a nickel.