English Biscuits

In USA we use the word cookie. In the US everything we eat is large, a cookie is typically bigger that it's English equivalent. People eat biscuits at work during coffee/tea breaks and are dipped into their drinks to make them softer to eat. Although our USA cookie selection mirrors those in the UK there are some which we don't have out here.

A well known British comedian, Peter Kay does a sketch on one of his stand up DVDs. It's just about how the Brits dip their biscuits into their tea. If you dip too much you run the risk of your biscuit breaking and falling into your drink. The Brits are aware of which biscuits hold up better to the dunking. Peter Kays sketch is all about this.

All of the chocolate makers, Cadbury, Nestle and Galaxy make a biscuit selection using the chocolate.

Cadbury's make a biscuit called fingers. They are fingers of chocolate with a biscuit center. Very tasty and Moorish. These are available in dark, milk or white chocolate. They are sold in boxes containing around 27 fingers wrapped in cellophane.

Some popular British Biscuits are Burtons Wagon Wheels, Fox's (Foxes biscuits), Jacobs crackers, Jacobs Clubs, Mcvities Digestives, Mcvities ginger nuts, Walkers & many more.

Fox's Biscuits

Rocky Bars - These gems are made by Fox's. They are a chocolate covered bar with a crunchy biscuit center. They're available in regular, caramel and orange flavors. The packs contain 10 bars; however they can be purchased in bigger packs. Each biscuit has 107 calories.

Classic Bars These are a milk chocolate covered biscuit with a honeycomb center and cream filling. With 131 calories per bar they are more calorie rich than the Rocky. This bar is only available as described, no alternative chocolate or fillings.

Not only do Fox's make the chocolate biscuit bars but their "biscuit barrel" contains many varieties of the English biscuit/cookie style. I have listed below some great ones to try if you're ever in the UK. Another option of course is to visit a USA based British food website. They have a great biscuit selection for you to try out. Be warned though they are addictive! A box of Fox's biscuits make a great English christmas present.

Ginger Crunch Creams - 2 ginger snap biscuits held together with a layer of cream

Golden Crunch Creams - as above only the ginger snap is substituted for golden tasty biscuits

Chocolate Fudge, crunch creams - 2 crunchy chocolate biscuits, held together with chocolate cream and fudge pieces

Rich Tea Crunch Creams - 2 slices of light rich tea biscuit, held together with vanilla cream

Jam Ring Creams - 2 round biscuits with the center missing, held together with raspberry jam/jelly and vanilla cream. This biscuit style has the nick name "Jammy Dodgers"

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