Cadburys Flake

If you like Cadburys chocolate I would certainly recommend trying (if you haven't already) a Flake. Made with Cadburys milk chocolate this creamy, perfectly sized bar is a sure hit!

Flakes have been in circulation for many years. I think since the 1930's. There is an interesting story behind how Flakes were discovered. An employee in the Cadburys factory realized that when the chocolate for other bars was poured into the moulds the excess chocolate fell into a chocolate stream and when hardened the folded chocolate had a flaky texture. This is where the name Flake came from.

Cadbury Flakeh In England a mini flake, about half the size is used in an ice cream cone. These are given the name of a 99. 99's are a combination of ice cream vended from an ice cream machine, served in a cone shaped wafer with a flake. 99's from an ice cream van or they are served in shops. The flake is great for decoration and a perfect compliment to an ice cream. Also, in McDonalds flakes are crushed up and added to McFlurrys. I would actually go as far as to say that Flakes make the best addition to a McFlurrys. I have tried many varieties during my time there and nothing beats the Flake and ice cream combo.

Like their name, Flakes are very crumbly. Whilst eating most people hover the empty wrapper below their mouths. This stops all the crumbs going on the floor or on clothes and also means that at the end of your Flake you can funnel the remains into your mouth therefore not wasting a morsel! So you've read this far and I'm sure your looking to buy Flakes. If you live in USA / America, then its hard to find places that sell flakes.

Flakes come in a yellow and purple foil wrapper which is sealed and twisted at both ends. You can now buy various versions of Flakes. There are "snow flakes" which are white chocolate, Flake dipped which is a flake bar dipped in milk chocolate and I also think there are flakes mixed with nuts too.