British/ English Pharmacy

Are you looking for an item that is available in British Pharmacies / chemists ? We have a list of popular items such as....

The main high street pharmacies similar to Rite Aid, CVS, and Longs etc are Boots and Superdrug. These two store chains can be found anywhere across England. Boots has a bigger selection of products and has expanded a lot over the years. Boots now sell clothing, food, cameras, fitness products etc. They also have a great point's scheme called the "Advantage Card". This is given at the checkout when paying and points are given for the items you buy. They always have special offers on products where they giveaway 1000 bonus points for example. You can then use the points as credits towards your purchases.

The first Boots store was opened in 1849. John Boot opened the store and it was an herbalist shop in Nottingham, England. Boots goal is to make their customer's look and feel better than they thought was possible. Boots have 2600 stores throughout the UK. I know that Target have a selection of Boots products available in the USA.

At Christmas time Boots have great present ideas. They put together gift sets of their "smellies". The store is set out really well so you can go to the right section for the present your looking for. They offer great discounts and advantage point at Christmas too.