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English Christmas Chocolate Pudding Christmas in England has many similarities to how we celebrate in USA. The food eaten on Xmas day is the same, the gift giving, Christmas carol singing, presents under the tree and the list goes on. In England the 26th December is also a country holiday. It’s Boxing Day. This is the feast of St. Stephen. Traditionally on Boxing Day the alms box at every English church is opened and its contents are given out to the poor people. Also servants got the day off to spend with their families. Another tradition for Boxing Day is that the working people opened their tip boxes.

Boxing Day began in the mid nineteenth century. This was when the custom of rich people giving tips to people in service positions got out of hand. Kids and others started to pretend to be in trade and solicited tips

This custom then grew to giving anyone and everyone who was less fortunate money. As you can imagine this got out of hand and at Xmas time the streets were full of people aggressively trying to get tips. To put a stop to these behaviors “Boxing Day was designated as the only day to give to the people less fortunate.

Easter Eggs

Traditionally Easter eggs are decorated eggs which are given to celebrate the Easter holiday or springtime. In the olden days chicken eggs were painted or dyed. Today it is customary to give chocolate eggs or sometimes plastic eggs with treats inside.

Children are particularly fond of Easter time as they get numerous eggs from family friends and relatives and it is also customer to hide eggs and have children find them. Some eggs are filled with treats and even money. Kids then collect as many as possible in basket. The idea is that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs for the children to find.

Gormet Cholate In England virtually every type of chocolate is available as an Easter egg. The eggs are thin plain/milk or white chocolate including the bar/packets of the same sweets. For example a Cadburys Buttons egg would comprise of a milk chocolate egg with a bag of milk chocolate buttons inside. The egg splits perfectly into half and covered in foil wrapping. The egg is presented in a nice box where the egg is visible through a plastic covering. It’s common for children to get many different eggs and eat them over a long period of time.

Some chocolate companies (Thornton’s) offer a decorating service. You visit the store, choose the egg type and request your message. You can add a persons name to the egg or a message of your choice. Thornton’s have luxury chocolate. This would work out more expensive than buying a regular egg from a store but it’s argued that the chocolate is more luxurious and tastes better.

Also available at Easter are chocolate bunnies. Normally wrapped in foil and offer a nice alternative to an egg. The bunnies normally do not contain any additional sweets and are sold in many different sizes from many different chocolate makers.