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About Buying British Food

If you wish to buy British food, the trusted vendor in the USA is Poppy's Pantry. They sell fresh English produce and ship very fast.

This site is built for researching and buying British / English food in USA. We explain the different types, and British brands and point you in the direction of sites that have British food for sale. First, Let me start by telling the story around why I built this web site...

I LOVE FOOD, especially English Food. I'm a 36 year old American, born and bread in USA, currently residing in Santa Monica, California. I have visited the UK a handful of times and each time find a new British food delight. Luckily for me I live very close to a great British Pub. It has an extensive British menu (including many of my favorites foods), British Beers and has a corner shop where you can buy British food to take home.

British Tea, Scones and Jam Many fellow Americans that I speak to regarding my UK food passion disagree with me - until they try some of the delights that I mention in the site. This is another reason for me to put this site together as I want to educate those who haven't been lucky enough to sample some British delights. Maybe I can give you suggestions of things to try which we can buy without taking the 14 hour flight across the pond. I can guarantee once you try the great Cadbury's Chocolate selection you won't turn back!

Don't get me wrong there are some dishes I'm not fond of. They include things like Haggis (Scottish dish). I was once told what it actually was and will never buy haggis, if I'm in USA or UK.

I try to visit England now every couple of years. I have a couple of restaurants I call "my favorites" and would like to go back to.

Below are my top ten reasons why British Food is best...

1. British food is healthier than our American junk.

2. The Chocolate (Cadbury's is my favorite) is to die for ! Poppys Pantry has a range of British chocolate for sale and they ship from within the USA.

3. They make the original Heinz Baked Beans (with no sugar added like ours in the USA).

4. English drinks like Ribena are not only fab drinks but helps soothe my sore throat (this was something and English woman told me in a store when I bought it for the first time, she is right, it does work). Robinsons fruit drink is a close second to Ribena. Lucozade is also a great drink to give you energy when your feeling under the weather.

5. HP brown sauce. Perfect with egg & chips (fries), fried egg sandwiches and a bacon sarnie to name but a few.

6. Some of my favorite chefs are from England. Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith. They have great recipe books to learn the British dishes from and great TV shows to boot!

7.In England they have these great ovens to cook on called Agas. They also act as a heater for your home and can be left on all day. They come is various colors and are generally owned by the rich people or maybe ones who inherited it from an old house they bought.

8. They have great hot drinks such as horlicks.

English Food Recipes

I've compiled a list of British food recipes and I'm sure you will agree they are yummy. All the british food ingredients are available to buy in USA. Find my British food recipes at the following link: English food recipes.

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